Wholesale Wide Elastic X Rubber Band with logo

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Name:X rubber band

Fold Size: 8cm/10cm/16cm/20cm/24cm/30cm or customized

Color: Assorted colors: Black, white, red, blue, green, orange, any pantone color or customized.

Main features: TPU environmental protection, anti-aging, anti-static, high wear resistance, high cold resistance, outstanding oil resistance, water resistance, mold resistance, good flexibility,safety.

These are X or H shaped so you pull them on over one direction with both straps, then take the opposites and pull them back over the sides to form an X or +

Application: Decoration, food, hair accessories, toys, stationery, accessories,cooking Grade! Versatile straps to hold books, files, and containers closed. Etc.

For any cooking, pressure cookers, crock post, seal puzzles and board games, loads of other uses!
Heat, cold, uv, chemical resistant silicone bands, cooking grade. Great for 2 way strapping of any box or object.

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Rubber X Bands (H Shaped or X Shapes are same) High quality Elastic Rubber Band.

Nice elasticity: with its good elasticity, it can be stretched up to several times in length, fit for packing both small and large items.

Multipurpose and reusable: within the nice elastic and reusable function, these silicone rubber bands can be applied to making slingshot or crafts, tying small items, packing papers, notebooks and so on.

Durable material: these colorful wrapping bands are made from quality elastic silicone which has smooth and comfortable tactility, durable and reliable, non-toxic and safe to use, each band can support for long time usage.

Various applications: the book bands are suitable for packing or bundling notebook, outdoor gear, container, bookmark, boxes, any home or office objects, keep your outdoor necessities and home items in order and neat.

Rubber Bands X Shaped Rubber Bands H Rubber Bands Advantages:
1.Non-toxic,eco-friendly silicone material
2.East to wash and clean
3.Install and remove easily
4.Anti-dirt, shatterproof, and anti-scratch material.
5. It is durable and reusable
6. Fit your iPhone perfectly
7. Fashion and hot design as a good gift for promotion
8. Protection from scratches, bumps, dirt, grease, and fingerprint.


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