Best Quality Beige Rubber Band For Packaging Office Supplies

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Product name:Strong Elastic Beige Rubber Band For Money Stationery Holder School Office Supplies



Storage: Can be stored in a cool place for up to two years

Payment::TT,Paypal, Western Union, Money Grame…

Transportation:EMS,DHL,Fedex,UPS or sea transportation

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【Good Slip Resistance】This elastic can be firmly fixed on the item, has strong anti-slip ability, can adapt to the different edge curves of various items, and is not easy to slip off the item. Note: Cold and heat, sun exposure, and extreme stretching for a long time may cause the rubber band to age faster. Please replace the rubber band in time when the above conditions are encountered.
【Wide Application】This set of elastic wrapping bands can not only be used to hold the garbage bag firmly on the trash can (Circumference less than 35in), but also can be used to pack documents, books, notebooks and cartons, or to tie up lunch boxes and tools. These rubber bands can be used in a variety of places such as homes, offices, warehouses, outdoors, and more. Use your imagination, they can make your life more convenient.
【Extra Large Size】Our extra large rubber band is 4mm wide and 8 inches long. Can be stretched to more than 4 times the relaxed length, approximately 35 inches. Each rubber band is thickened, and the thickness of 1.5mm makes them stronger and not easy to break.
【How to Storage】Please avoid sunlight directly, the loom rubber bands will need to store under cool, dry and sealed condition, to avoid aging and cracking. UV light, salt and perspiration will also corrode/damage the loom bands. Please feel free to contact us for any questions, we will always be here to help you

Product size list

Diameter mm Length mm Width mm Thickness mm
06# 15 25 1.5 1.5
08# 19 30 1.5 1.5
25# 25 40 1.5 1.5
32# 32 50 1.5 1.5
38# 38 60 1.5 1.5
43# 43 70 1.5 1.5
50# 50 80 1.5 1.5
60# 60 95 1.5 1.5
70# 70 110 1.5 1.5
80# 80 126 1.5 1.5
90# 90 142 1.5 1.5

Large size list

  Diameter mm Length mm Width mm Thickness mm
320# 102 160 1.5 1.5
400# 126 200 1.5 1.5
500# 160 250 1.5 1.5
600# 190 300 1.5 1.5

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